Capital Financial Plan

The Capital Financial Plan (CFP) is updated on an annual basis. Planning for the campus' building program is an ongoing effort involving individuals and committees at both campus and UC-wide levels.  The Capital Financial Plan is a proposed ten-year budget and schedule for all projects over $750,000.

When required, Capital Planning and Space Management staff prepare analyses of previously established capital priorities as well as an assessment of space needs.  These, along with new projects proposed by the academic deans, University Librarian, Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services, and others, are reviewed by the Advisory Committee on Campus Planning & Stewardship (CPS).  In turn, CPS makes a recommendation to approve the plan to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Chancellor.

By mid-year, the Capital Financial Plan is submitted to the UC Office of the President, and negotiations concerning revisions to the campus' proposal take place as necessary.  The program is then submitted to the Regents for review.  The plan is "accepted" by the Regents in their November meeting.

If you have a capital project that you wish to propose, please contact CPSM.  More information on capital projects...