Space Transfers

Temporary Transfer Agreement Instructions


The CP/EVC has allocated space to individuals designated as Space Control Officers.  (In the academic divisions, the deans are the designated Space Control Officers responsible for assigning space to departments and Organized Research Units within the division.  For administrative units, this responsibility has been assigned to the Vice Chancellors and Vice Provosts.)  The Space Control Officer is responsible for the allocation of space to departments, units, and sub-units within the division in alignment with divisional and campus goals and objectives.  The allocation or re-allocation of space between the departments and units within the division is at the discretion of the Space Control Officer.

A temporary transfer of space occurs when a department or unit provides space to another unit to meet programmatic space requirements for a limited period of time.  A temporary transfer of space does not require review by the Advisory Committee on Campus Planning and Stewardship (CPS) or approval by the CP/EVC.  However, if a temporary transfer of space is in dispute since not all terms are documented in a Temporary Transfer (TT) Agreement or no TT Agreement exists and a resolution cannot be reached, the issue should be submitted to CPSM for resolution on behalf of the CP/EVC.  If CPSM cannot resolve the dispute, the issue will be elevated to CPS, which will make a recommendation to the CP/EVC, who will determine the final disposition of the space.

New Temporary Transfer Agreements

When two divisions come to an agreement for the temporary transfer of space, the division loaning the space will create a TT Agreement to document the terms of the agreement (including the purpose, the time period, and any funds for alterations).  The TT Agreement is signed by the Space Control Officer or designee from each division.  A division may also use a TT Agreement to document a temporary transfer of space between departments within the division.

Extending Existing Transfer Agreements

At the expiration of the TT Agreement, the parties either agree to extend the agreement or the space reverts back to the original occupant.  A marked up or revised TT Agreement noting the extension can be submitted.  An email from each Space Control Officer can be used for extending existing TT agreements in lieu of a signed agreement, as long as there are no changes to the rooms included in the agreement.

Permanent Transfers

If both divisions agree to a permanent transfer of space, either a TT Agreement or a Memo of Understanding (MOU) may be used to document the transfer.  The TT Agreement or MOU must be signed by the Space Control Officer from each division. 

A division/school can also elect to release space back to campus for reallocation.  In this case a TT Agreement (Permanent) form or an MOU can be used.

Filing Process for All Space Transfers

After completion, the original signed TT Agreement or MOU will be filed with CPSM (Mail Stop:  Chancellor’s Office), as specified in the campus Space Management Principles.  Background information (e.g., letters between campus Space Control Officers or unit heads) should be attached to the agreement.  All agreements will be reviewed annually unless specified otherwise.  An agreement (reference) number will be entered by CPSM. 

Role of Space Control Officers

Space at UCSC is very tight. If you need space, you are encouraged to speak with your Space Control Officer first. Please reference the campus Space Management Principles.