Space Standards

Both the UC and CSU systems utilize the California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) guidelines to help plan and budget for instruction and research (I&R) programs.  In addtion, the Facilities Inventory Guide (FIG) defines physical space standards on campus such as room use codes, assignable square feet (ASF) and gross square feet (GSF).  It also defines what buildings must be inventoried on campus.

UCSC has created the the Space Inventory Standards document which summarizes our most referenced standards.  The intent of this document is to:

  1. Clarify and provide definition of types of square feet associated with Detailed Project Programs (DPP) and Project Planning Guides (PPG) including Assignable Square Feet (ASF), Non-assignable Square Feet (NSF), Basic Gross SF (BG), Covered Unenclosed SF (CU) and Outside Gross SF (OGSF).
  2. Define the process for assigning room numbers and calculating ASF, NSF, BG, CU, and OGSF.
  3. Provide reference information to architects creating construction documents.