Space Request

Please utilize this Space Request Form to complete a request for internal campus space. Requests are collected and reviewed by the University Space Committee. Please contact Capital Planning and Space Management for assistance or if you experience any form difficulties when submitting your request.

Campus Space Request Process (Simplified):

Step 1: Visit the Capital Planning and Space Management website and locate the Space Request Form link (above).

Step 2: The Space Control Officer (or delegate in consultation with SCO) completes the Space Request Form. The requestor of space should ensure all fields are filled in completely and with as much detail as possible to ensure swift processing of the space request.

Step 3: Capital Planning and Space Management review the submitted space requests and contact the requesting division for any necessary clarification or additional information.

Step 4: Capital Planning and Space Management performs an analysis of the space request gathering information such as impacted division response, mutual agreements, or other relevant information. Gathered information is packaged and routed to the University Space Committee for review and recommendation to the committee chairs.

Step 5: The University Space Committee (USC) makes recommendations to the USC chairs regarding the status of the space request. The committee chairs make a final recommendation to the Chancellor who approves or denies the space request. The outcome of the request is then shared with the requestor.


Space Release

If you are only looking to release space back to the control of central campus, please utilize this Space Release Form. Please note, SCOs are encouraged to continually monitor their space inventory and release space back to the campus if there are no immediate plans for the space to be utilized by the division and associated departments.